March 2, 2024

Stuart Stevens may not be a name you’re familiar with, but he’s a man who’s worked for and with a lot of people you’re familiar with. An author and ‘political consultant’, Stevens was a ‘top strategist’ for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for the Presidency, as well as having consulted for the campaigns of Tom Ridge, Elise Stefanik, and Larry Hogan to name a few… but this was all a long time ago. Stuart Stevens, you see, is one of the disaffected class of former Republicans who seem to have had their brains broken by Donald Trump’s rise to power in the party, so badly broken that he and they have now entirely decamped the Republican Party and become card carrying members of the Democratic Party. It’s in this capacity of newly minted Democratic Party shill that Stevens has done his most recent work, notably joining The Lincoln Project for the 2020 elections and vowing to vote a straight Democratic Party ticket that year. 

All of this is a preamble to say that the man seems to have gone politically bananas, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see him randomly taking shots at Ohio Senator JD Vance that just don’t make a lick of sense.

Yes, Vance’s best-selling book ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ was indeed about his families struggles with abuse, economic failure and addiction as a means of discussing the issues rural America has with cultural collapse and societal decay… so if Stevens isn’t sure why a best-selling author on a particular subject should be lecturing on that subject then he must not understand how subjects and lectures work.

That would presumably be ‘The Conspiracy to End America’ which appears to be a shrill screech of anger mixed with claims that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are ‘driving America to autocracy’. It looks like a really gripping and entirely sane read.


We have to assume that this tweet made sense to Stewart in his head, but really once he saw it all written out on his phone or computer screen you’d think it would have clicked that this wasn’t it.

No, if you don’t have an impeccable family pedigree of fine upstanding citizens you have no voice in policy debates! 

This in reference to Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver who got caught up in allegations of ‘cultivating a non-sexual online relationship with a 14-year-old boy and then engaging in “sexual banter” with him after his 18th birthday’ as well as having ‘acknowledged having sent inappropriate, unsolicited sexual messages to 21 men’… so you can really see why Stevens wanted to be onboard with that team we guess?

So it would seem that Stewart Stevens made a lot of money writing and talking about his track record of working on a failed Presidential campaign and working with a Democratic Party aligned organizations in a fit of pique because he doesn’t like Trump. We’re not sure he’s the one to be lecturing anybody on political and moral matters.


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