April 23, 2024

There are only a few groups in the world who would be told to take an offensive symbol in ‘context’. In a world where ‘misgendering’ and ‘microaggressions’ are a thing, context and nuance don’t exist anymore. Unless you’re a Jew in London, apparently.

More from Fox News:

Video of a police officer in London having a heated discussion with a woman about the offensiveness of swastikas has circulated across social media.

The video was taken on Saturday during a massive pro-Palestinian rally that the Metropolitan Police were monitoring. In the video, a visibly upset woman confronted the officer about an anti-Israeli participant who allegedly showed off a swastika.

The officer did not seem to agree that swastikas are offensive symbols that threaten public order. He cited the Public Order Act 2023, which he said outlines and limits what police handle at protests. 

Here is the video in question:

Mind you, the London police arrested a man with an anti-Hamas sign.

But a swastika requires ‘context’.

The police responded to the video:

Why do we get the sneaking suspicion this wouldn’t apply if the offender was, say, a white heterosexual man with a Bible?


We all heard it.

We all know what they’re doing, too.

In historical documentaries, textbooks, and movies or plays, yes there is.

At an anti-Israel rally? We know the context.

Just a bang-up job.


Tone-deaf is putting it mildly.

As the other poster said, history is intentionally not being taught so it can be repeated.

‘Extremely alarmed’ is an understatement.

Yes, it does.

They know their role: to enforce woke, politically correct Orwellian laws that protect preferred groups, while harassing, arresting, and punishing groups that aren’t prefered.

It’s a two-tiered justice system, by design.


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