April 22, 2024

You know things are not good for Democrats, especially when it comes to the southern border when even their pals in the mainstream media are calling them out.


For their (dozens of) viewers to see.

Case in point, even ABC called Democrat Chris Murphy out for his WHOPPER of a lie about Biden ‘reforming’ the border in his first week in office. Watch this:

What a blatant, obnoxious lie. One Murphy obviously thought he would get away with.

Honestly, we’re shocked he was called out. But he was.

The, ‘Well yeah,’ is priceless.

A *chef’s kiss* even.

That’s probably why ABC called him out. Maybe even their hypocrisy only goes so far.

Almost as if everything Biden has done was by design.

Whoda thunk?

Murphy is pretty good at it, we’ll give him that.


He’s good at this as well.

It’s been working for them for decades.

Why change now?



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