February 21, 2024

When it comes to Madden 24‘s franchise mode, scouting is integral to your success, and OS user Instant C1a55ic has a Madden 24 scouting guide on the forums.

You won’t ever have a 100 percent hit rate with your scouting in Madden 24 — and it wouldn’t be fun if you did — but you can start to better understand the system and have a specific battle plan in place if you follow some of these tips below that are split out by position groups.

Here is Instant C1a55ic with the guide below, happy hunting finding those hidden dev traits, and if you have tips of your own then share them in the thread as well.

Madden 24 Scouting Guide From Instant C1a55ic

First thing I want to say is that you won’t get every player position to 100% scouted. Many people complain about it, but I think it adds that mystery of boom or bust. This also isn’t 100% foolproof. A guy can fit every mold of what I am presenting to you, and he may come out with amazingly high numbers, but be a normal dev. This is just a guideline I follow, and after MANY drafts of 3+ hidden devs I thought I would try and help others who may be struggling. Without further rambling, let’s begin.


Letter grades are the first thing we will focus on during the early parts of the year, with a slight emphasis on physicals. Ideally, with physicals, you want elite. Overall, the “elite” traits outlined pretty much have a very high probability that he will be a hit. In many cases, especially the later rounds you want as close to elite as you can get, coupled with the right combine/pro day results. Many guides or YouTube videos say “elite or else” that I found that to be fodder. For example, if you find someone with elite speed but great accel, and the guide calls for elite in both, I would favorite him and then check his combine/pro day results to see if he fits the mold.

Combine/Pro Day

If you are in rounds 1-3, I look for top 5 results in combine/pro day in categories that fit the desired position. After the 3rd round, I look for top 10. This gives you a chance to get a high overall player in the later rounds, even if their dev trait is normal. I will emphasize more in detail with certain positions in the breakdown below.

Letter Grades

Keep in mind that if the guide calls for an “A,” and the player is A-B, keep track of him as if it’s an A until you unlock his true letter grade. I wouldn’t keep track of a player if it’s more than one grade below the proposed requirement. An example is A-C. If you don’t completely unlock that letter grade, follow the process of looking above in regards of combine/pro day.

I personally don’t start adding favorites until after the combine workouts, this way I can make a determination if the player is going to be worth it. You can add/subtract whenever you want, its personal preference. For focus players, I write them down in a notepad in my phone to reference later.


I look for at least “B” ratings in all three accuracy letter grades. From there its Elite throw power, unless he’s a freak of an athlete. And when I say freak, it’s top 3 in combine results for scrambling QBs. With combine/pro day and non-elite throw power, l look for top 5 in strength.


Depends on what you are looking for. I normally look for anything to be an “A” then check the following: Elite speed/accel for elusive backs, or elite strength/ “A” break tackle for the power backs. Once you unlock combine results, I look for a back that’s relatively top 5 in the majority of categories. Power backs don’t need top 10 speed, you want top 1-5 in strength.


Anything with an A or two Bs works here. Then you look for elite speed/accel. I personally like speedy receivers, so it’s top 5 in pro day/combine for speed, jumping, accel, etc.


I look for one “A” or two “B” letter grades. Stud TEs will have elite speed combined with top 5 combine/pro day. I have not experimented with blocking TEs and what to look for, but I would assume strength.

Offensive Line

For tackles, pass block MUST be an A. I don’t even look at them if it’s not. Elite strength is ideal, but top 5 in strength paired with no less than Great strength has gotten me a hidden dev before.

For interior guys, it’s an “A” at either pass or run block. Same rules apply above for everything else.

Defensive Line

Two “B” letter grades in whatever, or an “A” in either finesse or power moves. Beyond that, strength is the most important factor. I don’t personally venture outside top 5 strength in combine/pro day results. Do keep an eye out on DTs that have “A” finesse moves, and above great speed/accel.


Two B grades or an A at zone coverage or pursuit. Elite speed/accel is ideal, but top 5 in combine/pro day at 40-yard dash paired with other top 10 grades works as well.


“B” letter grade at either man or zone coverage (your scheme preference of course) and elite speed/accel. For combine/pro day, I tend to stay in top 5 of 40-yard dash. You can certainly pick top 10 in 40 yard, but his jumping and cone HAVE to be top 5. I don’t draft corners personally outside of round 3 unless there is a freak occurrence one fits the mold later on.


Two “B” grades or “A” at man or zone coverage (again your scheme preference) — same rules apply for combine/pro day as CB.