May 20, 2024

David Hogg is very upset that housing is so expensive.

More specifically, he’s upset that his own rent will be going up nearly 10%! The sad part is Hogg is clearly clueless about why his rent is going up, otherwise he’d stop promoting, supporting, and voting for Democrats. Like any good ‘progressive,’ we’re sure he’ll find a way to blame evil Republicans for his housing costs.

Unless, of course, he sees this from Scott Presler.



Under Bidenomics, the average family needs at least $700 more a month just to get by.

Atta girl.

It’s stupid is what it is. Stupid stupid stupid.

If Biden’s voters were actually informed they wouldn’t vote for Biden. 


Everything has gone up, is going up, and will continue to go up as long as there’s a Democrat in the White House. And unfortunately, people like David Hogg are so blinded by their own agendas and false narratives they don’t understand they’re literally doing this to themselves.



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