May 20, 2024

The Left can scream and yell and engage in political theater over gun control all they want, but at the end of the day, don’t listen to what they say, pay attention to what they do.

Namely — how they let loose violent criminals who commit gun crimes while saying your firearms are the problem and should be confiscated.

It’s a miracle people didn’t die.

More from The Daily Mail:

A Washington DC judge has sparked backlash after releasing a teenager accused of spraying a sleepy neighborhood with bullets from an AR-15. 

Judge Lloyd U. Nolan Jr., a self-described ‘woke‘ magistrate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, ruled that Amonte Moody, 18, be released on bail ahead of his trial. 

The 18-year-old allegedly peppered a street with 26 rounds while targeting a car of four people at 2:30am on April 22, with Ring doorbell footage capturing a suspect shooting wildly from the hip with the assault rifle.

Just maddening.

Must’ve been.


Yes, they should.

Nope. You’ll go to prison for a very long time.

Don’t gunsmith, either.

Yes it is.

When it’s not a crime, it doesn’t count.

Yes it is.

A two-tiered justice system.

That’ll solve the problem.

He’d also still be behind bars.

That’s the problem: the laws already on the books are not enforced.

It is. The chaos is the point.

You get what you vote for.

Except putting criminals in jail for a long, long time.