December 1, 2023

Marc Elias does know he’s Marc Elias, right? 

And he does know Republicans have been working to make our elections MORE SECURE via Voter ID, day-of-election voting, and other common-sense policies that used to make sense to most Americans before lockdowns made half the country REALLY stupid. Ok, so they were already pretty stupid but the so-called pandemic didn’t help.

And it only empowered dbag Hillary Clintonites like Elias:

He’s so full of crap.

No wonder he’s a go-to for the Democrats, he fits right in.

We can’t help but feel sorry for his dog whose sweet face takes the brunt of the pushback and backfire for his ridiculous posts.

And yeah, the poor pooch got dragged PLENTY for this one.




Gosh, that seems pretty easy and SECURE to us.

Why on Earth would Marc Elias have an issue with making voting easier and more secure?


Ok, so we are totally kidding, we know EXACTLY why he has an issue all of that.



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