April 23, 2024

This video is from 2021, but it’s going viral and is a feel-good story if there ever was one. Watch how quickly this Marine gets the handgun out of the would-be robber’s hand … and how quickly the other robber runs for his life.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt was a nice choice.

The Military Times reports:

The Marine veteran who stopped an armed robbery at a convenience store in Yuma, Arizona, during the early hours of Oct. 20 wants people to know that despite his service record, he’s not some kind of vigilante.

James Kilcer told Coffee or Die magazine that he’s “pogue as f**k” and not a “freakin’ Ricky Recon” hero.

The incident, however, certainly offers proof that the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program has real-world applications, even outside of service.

“S**t needed to be done,” he added. “I kind of saw what was coming my way and just, you know, I wasn’t gonna sit around and cry about it. And I just waited until he took that one extra step and — boom! — f**king hit him and just instinct kicked in.”

That’s probably true.


A lot of people are saying that. How could he do that to a poor kid who just needed bread?


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