March 4, 2024

OK, Twitchy readers, fess up. Which one of you gave Michael Rapaport a sanity pill? 

We’re not sure what is going on with Rapaport, who has mostly been known in recent years for his unhinged, screaming selfie videos against anything and anyone Republican, especially Donald Trump, but we’re guessing that the utter disaster that has been the Biden administration for the past three years has made him rethink some of his previous rants. 

In November, Rapaport even said he would consider voting for Trump, that’s how bad he knows Biden is. Rapaport echoed this new outlook earlier this month after he saw illegal immigrants beating on New York City police and flipping off cameras as they were released from jail. 

But that’s just knowing that Biden is a catastrophe. This week, Rapaport continued his awakening by admitting on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast that some of the things he thought about Trump — specifically the ‘both people on great sides’ Charlottesville lie — were completely wrong. 

(Warning: The following clip from the PDB Podcast has some very NSFW language.)

It’s interesting what happens when you keep an open mind and listen to the full context of statements, instead of what the leftist propaganda machine tells you to think, isn’t it? 

Later in the clip, Rapaport — though still not sure if he can bring himself to vote for Trump — said that he flat-out REFUSES to vote for Biden or Kamala Harris in 2024. And when he is asked about the option of Gavin Newsom, Rapaport responds with utter contempt, ‘Gavin? I just left California. I’m not votin’ for Gavin with the good hair. Get the f— out of here. I’m not a sucker.’



(Frankly, we don’t think the hair is very good at all, but we guessing Rapaport was practically oozing sarcasm there.)

It will be interesting to see if Rapaport can continue his self-examination with others on the right he has ranted about in the past. Our thought is he probably will not, but if he’s willing to take back some of the things he said about Trump, who knows? 

Yes, it’s unlikely that Rapaport will ever be truly ‘red-pilled,’ but you do have to give him some credit for his admission. 

It’s kind of amazing how a horrible, corrupt, and senile Biden can do that to people. As Barack Obama once said, ‘Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.’

Ah, now THERE’S a good point and probably partially true. In addition to Biden being a complete disaster, one thing that may have Rapaport opening his eyes a little more is the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel. He strongly supports Israel and was outspoken on X and elsewhere about Hamas being savage terrorists, Israel’s right to defend itself, and not even hearing a word about a ‘ceasefire’ until Hamas released the hostages. 

For that, he was excoriated by the left, including fellow actor (and unhinged lunatic) John Cusack, who wrote an expletive-laden, incoherent, irrational lengthy post on Twitter, screaming at Rapaport for his call to release the hostages (seriously, you have to read it if you haven’t; it was quite insane). 

That kind of thing might make you re-examine who your friends are and where you are getting your ‘news’ from, as Rapaport seems to be doing. 

Longer clips of Rapaport’s conversation with Bet-David are available on the PDB Podcast Twitter page. They show that the actor has still not opened his eyes about many Trump-related topics, so we shouldn’t count on him campaigning for Trump anytime soon.

But he seems to at least be making some baby steps. That’s progress. You have to crawl before you can walk. 


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