May 28, 2024

Last week, we told you how Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the Biden administration to go pound sand, signing an executive order blocking implementation of the insane, anti-woman Title IX rewrite.

Mississippi has joined the fight to defend women and girls by passing the SAFER Act. Watch:


There are currently fifteen states suing the Biden administration over Title IX.

All he needs to do is restore Title IX to its original purpose.

Yes. Be like Mississippi.


There was that stupid meme going around about the woman choosing to be in the woods with a bear instead of a man recently.

Same people who choose the bear would be okay with Biden’s Title IX rewrite.

Because we’re a post-logic society.

Slowly crawling our way back to sanity.

Riley Gaines has done a lot of good for women and girls.

Problems for who? The trans activists mad they can’t be in women’s spaces?

Good. They deserve problems.

We need normal.

Tony Evers in Wisconsin vetoed similar legislation.

It makes sense when you realize the Democratic Party hates women.

Obvious to everyone except the Left.