March 4, 2024

It’s a very special Monday today. That’s right, it’s the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday. That means a lot of us ate too much, watched a game we really didn’t care about, and now we’re tired and the work week’s just starting.

Yep, we definitely need some laughs to kick off this week.

Thankfully, we’ve got just the memes, jokes, and clips you need!

We might as well start with funny Super Bowl tweets, in celebration of the end of the 2023-2024 Taylor Swift Football season.

This was a common sentiment for a lot of people. It’s not so much about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as it’s about the NFL making us overdose on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Yeah, it’s like that. 😂

Ha! Love it or hate it, the Super Bowl is the perfect confluence of sports, commercial interest, entertainment, and celebrity to bring about some pretty funny stuff.

Things certainly did get Juice-y between Travis Kelce and Andy Reid at one point.

Kelce’s angry outburst generated so many jokes we couldn’t even keep up. This one’s going to be the source of endless memes.

Been there.



So many Wilford Brimley fans out there.

Fact check: True.


Seriously, Goldblum actually seems like a Hollywood star you wouldn’t want to put in a chokehold.


It’s perfect! 😂

True story. The older you get, the more you don’t know any of the famous people they show during the Super Bowl. Also, you don’t care.

He’s not wrong.

Gen Xer: ‘That’s Ludacris.’

Boomer: ‘I agree.’

Okay, the Lord of the Rings fans are going to take a moment to laugh at this. The rest of you can take a moment to laugh at the Lord of the Rings fans.


Okay, okay. We’ve got more for you than just Super Bowl jokes.

And we’re dead. 💀💀💀

That pig knew what was up.

All you youngins out there don’t even understand how accurate this is. Also, we really miss McDonald’s apple pies.

LOL! Look, if this is you after reading Monday Morning Meme Madness for too long, you only have yourself to blame.

Are we seriously going to make jokes about ‘an elderly man with a poor memory’?

Yes. Yes, we are.

Well done, young lady. Well done.


How else are you supposed to know if they work?!


She’s good. Too good.

LOL. It takes a strange mind to come up with things like this.

Crocs wearers aren’t gonna like this one.

Okay, that’s hilarious. 😂

Ha! Star Wars fans totally heard that in their heads.

Never, ever, poop with friends.

It’s a little over the top, but not by much.


Dang! Dad is brutal!

Son of a biscuit. Got us. We admit it.

Ha! We’ve all been there.


Congratulations, Manjeet.

Manjeet: ‘Jeetyet?’

Her: ‘Yes, but I could eat again.’

We like food, okay?!?!

We don’t see the problem here.

Harsh! LOL.


LOL! Try not to laugh. We dare you.

Now get out there and win this Monday like you’re Taylor Swift in your first Super Bowl appearance!

Until we meme again …


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