April 23, 2024

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, but Monday is inevitable, and it is here.

We can cry into our Easter eggs, or we can ease into the week with some of our favorite funny memes, jokes, and clips we saw on Twitter/X throughout the week.

Let’s do it!

We like his style. LOL.

What better way to shake off the Monday blues than a good boi doing what they do best?

Dogs are good.

Who hasn’t spent a bit too long watching videos of people cleaning rugs or unclogging drains at this point?

Ha! The raccoon definitely won that round.

Don’t cross Hillary. She’ll turn you into P. Didn’t.

Speaking of Hillary …

LOL! We had a wild week, folks. The week got so crazy that the boat running into the bridge took a backseat.

Okay, seriously, how does a person completely miss the Harambe story?



Every guy watching this is thinking ‘Nice round’, and every GenXer is thinking ‘Hold on, I’m pretty sure my friends and I invented KeepUp™’.

All our home improvement peeps know exactly what this means. 😂

This is the way!

Sick burn … well … it’s about to be.

Mmmm … burns … we’ve got one for that.

LOL! Smart lady.

Okay, that’s funny. Well done!

That meerkat has to be a dad.

We need to shut down the internet.

This is 100% true. LOL.

We need to get one of these!


One of the solemn duties of dadhood is messing with your kids. 😂

It’s never a bad idea to keep your spouse guessing as well. Okay … sometimes it might be a bad idea. Yeah … proceed with caution.

Bwahaha! Now that’s a masterful way to troll your wife. 💀

LOL. Perfection.

And we’re dead … and somehow he’s not. 😂😂😂

Take your time, we know you’re gonna watch that one a few times. If you drag the slider, you can do slow motion and throw him in and out of the car a bunch of times … not that we would know.


LOL! We have to admit to feeling a bit like this after Easter dinner.

Speaking of overeating …


Totally unrelated … Lizzo also claimed she was quitting the music industry this week, resulting in a ton of jokes.

When you’re right, you’re right.

Nailed it. LOL.

Science fair parents feel this in their bones.

This dude’s life flashed before his eyes. 😂

… … … Would.

Ha! That’s just wrong.

This guy is so weird.

It’s so bad it’s good. 😂

Truth. To be fair, husbands probably do this when she’s driving too (except it’s a curb and it’s 3 feet away).

The week came to an end with the woke working overtime to be irritating.

Yep, it was pretty much like that.

Thankfully, they couldn’t overshadow Easter, and there was plenty of funny Easter-themed content.


Probably needed some supplies to build his church. 😂


(Translation for those who need it: YOLO – You Only Live Once)

LOL. Nice.

‘Surprise! I’m back!’


LOLOLOL! That one got us good. 😂

This one hits home. We hope nobody scheduled any Monday meetings for you.

Bwahaha! Charge into this Monday like a boss … just not like this girl being defeated by revolving doors.

That’s it, friends! See you all next week.

Until we meme again …


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