May 20, 2024

We survived a week of Biden buffoonery, hunger strikers, Northern Lights excitement, and Mother’s Day, but it all eventually comes back to Monday.

Ah, Monday, that dreaded first day of the week. The day that begins with the depressing knowledge that you’re as far from the weekend as you can possibly be this week.

We here at Twitchy, however, are determined to make Mondays great again with the funniest memes, jokes, and clips we can find across the vastness of Twitter/X (okay … fine … we don’t actually look through them all).

We feel your pain. Sunday really is Monday Eve for many of us.

LOL. We do not recommend you try this, folks.

HAHA! Ruth!

The dude took his shot.

Can confirm. How did we miss all that when we were kids in the 80s?

One likely explanation … made for TV movies.

Alright, everybody … show of hands: How many of you had to learn this lesson the hard way too?

The struggle is real, y’all.

Wow, that’s bad. Bad enough we know some of you laughed.

(Language warning on this next one.)


We. Are. Dead. 😂😂😂

HA! There are a lot of cat memes.

LOL, this is remarkably accurate.

We have to admit, we didn’t have brain worms on our bingo card.

LOLOLOL! We’ve seen the real-life embodiment of this meme too many times on Twitter/X.

If you know, you know.

Do NOT laugh at that one with your wife in the room.

Dang! That one hit hard.

Granny thought she was about to open a can of pure UNO devastation on those young folks. We hope she staged a comeback.

It’s so true.

Whoa … that is dark, dude.

Strut your stuff, little man! LOL.

Nicely done. 😂

Bro … that’s just not right.

HAHA! Please make it stop.

Look, guys don’t screw around. If it’s worth brushing, it’s worth brushing hard.

Okay, maybe not everything was better in the 80s, but we were comfortable at least.

Speaking of the 80s … we had such high hopes …

… we may have been a bit too optimistic. LOL.

This is pretty much how it feels walking into the trampoline park if you’re 40 years old or older.

LOLOLOL! You know you’ve done it.

Give that pup some ice cream! 😂

YES! We’ve enjoyed college protesters getting shut down by police and doing stupid things like starving themselves a bit too much this past week. We’re pretty sure most of you loved it too. That’s how we know we are among our people. 😂

Bwahaha! Well done.

LOL. Dads gotta do what they gotta do.

Been there. Done that.

That’s definitely dad joke territory there.

LOL! Good boy!

Heck yeah! There were few things more satisfying than a Push-Up during the dog days of summer.

LOL! Poor doggo saying goodbye to his friend.

We’re pretty sure this is actually true.

Some dude was giggling about that for days.

HAHA! Did we mention you could see the Northern Lights across much of the country this week?

LOL, now that’s funny right there.

We did too! (We’re not stoned, just to be clear.)

Before we wrap it up this week, we passed along an old Tim Conway clip a few weeks ago known as ‘The Dentist’, and we wanted to share another this week, our favorite, which was an outtake from the Carol Burnett Show. It’s called ‘The Elephant Story’, and still makes us laugh out loud. A bit of nostalgia for us seasoned folks and a bit of comedy history for you young’uns.

See? It never gets old.

We’ve reached the end. Now it’s your turn.

Take that fresh pick-me-up from a few good laughs to crash into this Monday morning … just not like that poor lady crashing into the non-door three times in a row.

Until we meme again …