April 22, 2024

Attorney Terrence Bradley, the former partner of Nathan Wade, finally had to testify this week after trying to avoid doing so by claiming attorney-client privilege with Wade.

As we noted, that didn’t go particularly well for Bradley. While he relied a lot on the old saw that he couldn’t remember during his testimony, he got busted saying, “oh, dang” when he was shown his texts with defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant. In those texts, he told her that the relationship between Fulton County (Georgia) DA Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade began before they had claimed to the Court. Now during testimony, he said he was “speculating.” But the extensive nature of the texts suggests otherwise. 


Here Are More of Those Texts That Made Terrence Bradley Say ‘Oh, Dang,’ and More Bad News for Fani Willis

It Sure Doesn’t Look Like Terrance Bradley Did Fani Willis Any Favors With His Testimony

But in a new twist, another witness has contacted defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant after hearing Bradley’s testimony and he has some big information, if it’s true. 

The man, a waiter, says he observed Wade and Wade’s attorney with Bradley at his restaurant about five weeks ago. 

Megyn Kelly has the voicemail. This is more than a little problematic, if true. 

Yet, Terrence Bradley had testified on Tuesday that he hadn’t spoken to Wade in two years.  He said he hadn’t spoken to Wade since he left the firm they were in together in 2022. 

What was going on in this alleged meeting? That could mean big trouble once again, and perhaps this meeting explains why Bradley had such difficulty remembering something now, that he was so clear about with Merchant in his texts. He had been supplying Merchant with all kinds of information to help her previously. 

We’ll have to see where that stands with the judge, as they wrapped the closing arguments on Friday. But this matter has been a continual drama with all kinds of wild twists and turns.  So expect to see a little bit more and break out more popcorn, as we await to see what happens next. 

The Georgia state Senate is already looking into all of this, as I previously noted, and has asked for Merchant’s texts with Bradley. Both Willis and Wade are going to be busy answering a lot of questions in the future–and now, it sounds like Bradley may be added into that mix as well. 


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