May 28, 2024

The Biden presidency keeps spiraling downward; unfortunately, the rest of us are along for the ride. Combine what we’re seeing at the border, with the economy and elsewhere with politically motivated show trials against Biden’s political opponent and the numbers aren’t good for Team Joe:

“Absolute disaster” perfectly describes the Biden presidency, so the math adds up.

Because the Democrats and pro-Biden hacks in the media have no real positive accomplishments they can point to as reasons to vote for Biden, we’re stuck with “democracy is at stake” on repeat. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough continued the broken record approach this morning: 

As usual, the only way to “save democracy” is to destroy it:



It couldn’t be more clear they’ve got absolutely nothing else.

“If people vote for the candidate I won’t want that means there’s no more ‘democracy'” is the hottest of hot takes. Too bad they can’t hear themselves when they say it.

If Trump wins in November MSNBC will be “must watch TV.”