May 28, 2024

President Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to a pair of debates. The first will be on CNN in June and ABC News will air the second in September. 

One of the Biden campaign’s demands was that neither debate have an audience (apparently Biden will feel more in his element that way). 

The Biden campaign’s sudden interest in debating Trump (another Team Joe demand is that RFK Jr. not be allowed to participate) came after a New York Times/Siena poll showed things getting worse for the incumbent Democrat:

Not coincidentally, the Biden campaign later agreed to a couple of debates with Trump, which most certainly wouldn’t have happened if they’d been leading in those polls. 

Democrats are cringing at the thought of Biden on a debate stage for a couple hours, but publicly they’ll claim it’s because their guy shouldn’t “dignify” and legitimize Trump’s candidacy. Nancy Pelosi would have advised Biden not to do it: 

Pelosi’s so confident Biden would wipe the floor with Trump that she wishes he’d have passed up the opportunity? Sure.


Sure, Nancy — but Biden’s “make my day, pal” while mocking the show trial against his political opponent was meeting the dignity of the office?

What are the odds that Team Biden will find a way to keep Joe from sharing a stage with Trump for two hours?

Speaking of a debate, remember when Nancy Pelosi got wrecked at the Oxford Union recently?