March 2, 2024

Pollster Nate Silver is becoming based. He’s written a piece on all of the people who are comparing Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden to FBI Director James Comey’s October 2016 announcement of newly discovered emails that could be linked to Hillary Clinton, found during an unrelated criminal investigation of Anthony Weiner. It was an October surprise and many Democrats blamed Comey for Clinton’s loss. “But her emails” has become a favorite meme of the Left. Sure, President Donald Trump incited an insurrection and tried to overthrow the election, but her emails.

Here’s the weasely Andrew Weissman poking out his head to claim that Hur “pulled a Comey.”

Pollster Nate Silver says the comparison doesn’t hold.


A Bloomberg reporter of all people suggested on TV that maybe he was skipping the interview because maybe “he can’t handle it.” Why, during an election year, would you pass on a softball interview that will reach more than 100 million viewers?

The secretary of state’s emails showing up on the laptop of a guy being investigated for sexting underage girls was a legitimate concern.

We don’t think the one Comey announcement swung the election for Trump. The public already knew that Clinton had set up a homebrew email server in the bathroom of some IT company and never used her official email address as secretary of state — kind of suspicious. And the missing emails? Running BleachBit on her computer to wipe the data and smashing phones with hammers?

Silver is getting a lot of disappointed responses that he’s now gone MAGA. That’s what you get for questioning the narrative.


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