March 4, 2024

The hook shot is a signature move of many NBA big men, especially the legends. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar famously utilized the skyhook on his foes for what is considered the most unstoppable move in NBA history.

Although most of the current bigs in the league have the ability to knock down shots from three, they still use their post moves to their advantage, especially when they have the upper hand in a matchup. And just like with the real NBA, the hook shot can be a devastating move in NBA 2K24.

If you play MyCareer and use a big man, this can be a threat depending on your play style. Also, modes matter as well. If you’re playing games in The City, then it’s permanently on Hall of Fame difficulty meaning it’s green or miss for all shots. If you focus more on the NBA side of your career, then making shots will be a lot easier depending on the difficulty you chose.

But if you want to go and knock down post hooks with the best of them, then here are a few things to take note of. Remember, it’s all up to you on how you want to approach things, these are just a few steps to consider.

Make Sure Your Close Shot Rating Is Solid

The Close Shot attribute is what ultimately has the strongest effect on how good your post hooks will be. Try to make sure it’s solid. Somewhere in the 70s is a comfortable spot for it. 60s can be fine too if you’re feeling confident. But this rating is important not only because it improves your post hook skills, but it can help you out in another very useful area: badges. And that’s where we’re going for this next tip.

Get The Hook Specialist Badge

Badges have long been a massive part of the MyCareer/Park experience in NBA 2K and it’s no different in NBA 2K24. Players will sometimes value badges over attributes (although attributes are needed to get badges) and that’s why it’s important that you get the Hook Specialist badge during the MyPlayer building process of your big man.

To get the bronze version of this badge, you’ll need both a Close Shot of 60 and a Post Control rating of 50. For silver, it’s 71 Close, 62 Post Control. Then for gold, you’ll need an 83 Close and 74 Post. For the final step, a 92 Close and 86 Post grants you the Hall of Fame Hook Specialist badge.

Go With Joel Embiid’s Hook Animation

Feel free to use whichever hook shot animation you wish as long as you feel comfortable with it. However, Joel Embiid’s is amazing and is relatively easy to time. And it’s very difficult to defend because during the animation, you’ll basically separate yourself from the defender as you’re putting up the shot, pretty much leaving you open. And for the record, if you’re defending a player who’s also using this hook, try to stay as close to him as possible so it’ll mess with his hook shot timing.