April 22, 2024

If you think you hate journalists, you don’t hate them enough.”

By now it’s a tired phrase that meme world should have moved on from, but it is constantly being made new as the media, especially NBC, sinks to epic new lows.

Witness Exhibit A:

This “former singer of a David Bowie tribute band” and “writer for Glen Beck’s (cue booing) ‘The Blaze’ website” is what is known as a “journalist” in professional circles. Something the liberal scribblers at NBC News are loathe to mention, much less live out themselves.

We’ll confess that it’s pretty cool that Steve Baker, the Blaze journalist fronted a Bowie tribute band, but it misses the huge point: a journalist was arrested while covering the January 6 Capitol riot.

The article reads like it was written by a PR firm hired by the prosecution. So please don’t bother to click on it. But do savor the savage and well deserved mockery.

They are not even hiding it.


Odd! Super odd! Seems like something that might cast him in a good and honest light.

As we were saying.

Sure seems like the authoritarian fascism that the left keeps telling us will happen under Trump. Maybe it’s only fascism when it doesn’t benefit them.

Remember, they want to keep Trump out of office because they’re afraid he’ll do exactly what they’re doing. Forward thinkers, these journalists.


This is the true crime!

Maybe Seth Meyer’s writers have a side gig as NBC News journalists?

Now why would a news organization be concerned with a former singer in a Bowie tribute band be concerned about that?

Let’s leave the last word to a good doggie! Good boy! Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes you are!


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