March 4, 2024

Do you think maybe NBC News has it out for Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik? In January, they published a piece about Raichik’s appointment to the Oklahoma State Department of Education Library Media Advisory Committee to keep porn out of schools. That doesn’t sound so bad, but they described her as a “far-right influencer” whose X feed “is often laced with bigoted rhetoric.” This is how NBC News’ Matt Lavietes framed the story:

“Accused of” instigating bomb threats? That’s pretty weak.

The following day, another NBC News reporter, David Ingram, reached out to Raichik for comment, this time for a piece about “airlines and DEI.” Libs of TikTok had posted an “incendiary” tweet: a photo of an Alaska Airlines jet whose door bolts blew off next to a picture of drag queens preparing for a flight, suggesting that maybe the airline ought to pay less attention to DEI and more to quality control.

When asked for comment, Raichik replied that Ingram “is white so he’s probably a privileged oppressor. I told him I will only talk to black, Latinx, or LGBTQ reporters.”

Ingram’s not giving up, and NBC News has published another piece featuring Raichik, this one outing her as being behind 33 bomb threats.


He waits until the third tweet to tell us that “Raichik is not accused of making any bomb threats in Iowa or anywhere else.”

NBC News’ goal is to instigate yet another trans mass shooter to kill Raichik. There, we said it.

Ingram is pretty much accusing her of being a serial bomber.

Seth Dillon is CEO of The Babylon Bee:

David, do you think Chaya should be prevented from reporting when drag queens perform for children, or when schools offer porn in their libraries, or when hospitals offer transition “care,” including irreversible surgical procedures, to minors? What should she be allowed to report on, if not these things? And how would you prevent her from doing this reporting? Would you have her imprisoned or do you just want to cut out her tongue? Do you think anyone who notices that these things are happening and has the audacity to draw attention to them should be censored or otherwise punished?Follow up question: Do you and others in the media who smear Chaya as a stochastic terrorist bear any responsibility for the endless string of death threats she receives?Final follow up: Do you have any concern at all for the children Chaya and people like myself hope to protect by drawing attention to their abuse and exploitation?

Does Ingram want sexually explicit materials in middle school libraries? It sure sounds like it.

NBC reported that there have recently [been] 33 bomb threats because of @libsoftiktok.

Prosecutors pursued charges in only 3 of the incidents. One was a kid, another was Patriot Front’s alleged plan to riot (no actual bomb threat.)

Interesting that almost all of them were hoaxes that the police decided not to pursue. Seems like the real target of these “bomb threats” is LoTT and @ChayaRaichik10.

She reposts videos that people have put online and made public, hoping they’ll get exposure.

Remember when the Washington Post’s senior managing editor, Cameron Barr, posted a statement about Taylor Lorenz’s hit piece on Raichick and said, “We did not publish or link to any details about her personal life.” Um, that was a flat-out lie. As Jerry Dunleavy and a few others noted, the Post stealth-edited the piece to remove the link to the real estate license without an explanation or editor’s note. When pressed on why they deleted the link, WaPo said, “Ultimately, we deemed it unnecessary.”

Does Ingram mention in his piece that Raichik was doxxed by Taylor Lorenz?

NBC News really needs to have a staff meeting and tell its reporters to lay off of Raichik. It’s not a good look.


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