May 28, 2024

With Need For Speed Unbound Vol. 6 coming to a close and Vol. 7: Drift & Drag scheduled to launch on May 21, the Criterion Games developers have responded to feedback from the Need For Speed Unbound community to discuss dedicated PVP, weekly PVP playlists, rank, NFS Legends content and more.

Before getting too deep on the details, make note that most of what is being discussed will not be addressed during this year of live service but will help shape the future of the franchise. The team gathered the most liked comments on Instagram, most replied to comments on Twitter and most upvoted on Reddit to respond to. We’ve grabbed some of them below, but make sure to read all them here. It’s always refreshing to see developers being so transparent with the community.

Dedicated PVP Mode

  • “As a person who came back to unbound I can say I want to grind for the rewards and that the game is BACK”

Dev Response: Really glad to hear this! There is much more we would like to do with PVP too and certainly we have learnt a lot already on how we would build something like this into a future installment of NFS from the start.

We saw lots of positive sentiment around the PVP update overall. There are few replies around PVP switching flow, and asking for the checkpoint system to be a bit more forgiving (closer to Heat’s version, whereby your speed is maintained when spawning) or larger in size. 

Weekly PVP Playlists

  • “Before starting the playlist, we need to see the race route when choosing a car.”

Dev Response: This is something we have been looking into but unfortunately is one of those ‘seems easy but isn’t’ things. That being said, we are still investigating how we could make some changes here. We understand that you want to know the best car from your arsenal that will dominate for the route ahead.


  • “I think rank system is a nice addition to the game, good indicator for “street credit” in multiplayer. It’s a nice stat to have and i’ve been visiting multiplayer more often in order to rank up. Rewards should be more engaging, let’s say 4 rewards, each one after 50 levels, lvl 1 – banner + title, lvl 50 clothing, lvl 100 emote, lvl 150 driving effect, lvl 200 custom and original car with matching customisation to the clothing and driving effect that we grinded earlier. For the moment rewards have 0 value for me to be brutally honest. Progression time is good.”

Dev Response: Great feedback again. we are looking into the Rank system as a whole and hope to update on it soon. While doing this we will think about ways and what we could add as rewards when you Rank. A more in depth system of Ranking by skill and earning is probably out of scope for Kaizen, it is, however 100% something we would be considering for anything in the future alongside a more dedicated space for pure racing skill.