May 28, 2024

In full disclosure, we had never heard of Eurovision until yesterday. It seems to be a sort of American Idol without the Americans.

We’re not sure what normally happens at the event but Eurovision 2024 would have patrons at a Mos Eisley bar saying ‘Wow, those people are a bunch of freaks!’

The contest was dragged into the spotlight in the U.S. in recent days because activists for Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas war are doing what they do best: Acting like jerks to Israelis.

Israel’s contestant, Eden Golan, was greeted with boos and harassment by some members of the audience and other contestants because she’s from Israel.

(VIP Members: See more from Twitchy’s Brett Taylor here: Israel’s Entry in Eurovision Song Contest Is Causing People to Lose Their Minds)

These people are almost always more hateful than those they insist are hateful.

Israel haters across Twitter/X celebrated her loss.

They had their panties in a bunch because Erovision even allowed Eden Golan to compete. They wanted her removed from the contest because she’s an Israeli.


You know who else wanted to remove Jews from society?

One of several fellow contestants who went full Jew Derangement Syndrome was the French singer, La Zarra.

Technically, she’s not French. She’s from Quebec … so French-Lite.

It’s like ordering an Amish on and getting a Mennonite instead. Calm down, people, none of them are going to read this (except you, Jacob … we see you!).

She couldn’t hold back her posterior pain when the Israeli contestant was awarded more points than she thought the Jews deserved.

There’s a meme that surfaces from time to time on Twitter/X that begins with the words ‘Most Americans won’t understand this … ‘ and is usually followed by some nose-in-the-air European superiority complex about how much better they have it because we have too many Burger Kings or something of that nature.

In this case, however, most Americans probably won’t understand this.

This is not your typical American Idol or The Voice.

This is more like The Capitol on The Hunger Games but with meth.

Yes, ‘Joost’ was the odd Dutch dude who seemed to have an axe to grind against Israel and then fell into some trouble of his own for an off-stage altercation with a photographer. Of course, it was the Jews’ fault.

We thought he seemed like a strange guy, but then came the Irish contestant ‘Bambi Thug’.

She’s the one on the right, in case you weren’t sure.

Seriously, Ireland … what’s up with this, Bragh?

The goth deer lady is a non-binary, witch (seriously), who practices blood magic during her menstrual cycle … and also thought it was in poor taste to allow Israel to compete at Eurovision.

Have you ever turned on the show Hoarders to make yourself feel better about getting behind on your housekeeping? Yeah, this glimpse into Eurovision makes us feel pretty darn good about being in the good old USA.

The butthurt Bambi witch was not happy that she got beat by Eden Golan and raged on camera with tears and F-bombs.

It’s gob-stoppingly jaw-dropping that over 1,000 Israelis being murdered at a concert, at a bus stop, in their homes … just living their lives … has resulted in a groundswell of Jewish hate across the globe.

It’s always there. Some are just looking for an excuse to make it fashionable again.

As for Eurovision 2024, they found Nemo … the non-binary skirt-wearing guy from Switzerland beat out Croatia’s Baby Lasagna.

That’s enough. We can’t take any more.

God Bless the USA!