March 2, 2024

First of all, it’s February 2024 — there shouldn’t be any “newly discovered” footage from January 6, 2021. Speaker Mike Johnson was going to release all of it or was supposed to at least. However, NBC News has discovered “new” footage that “appears” to show one of the insurrectionists firing a gun into the air.

Ryan J. Reilly reports:

Newly unearthed footage from Jan. 6, 2021, appears to show a rioter — a man identified in an NBC News story nearly two years ago — firing a gun into the air outside the Capitol during the attack.

Online sleuths who have aided in hundreds of Jan. 6 prosecutions say he is the same man they identified to the FBI who is currently individual No. 200 on the bureau’s Capitol Violence page, which he first appeared on three years ago. Videos and photographs from the Capitol on Jan. 6 showed him with what appears to be a gun in his waistband.

Just look:

You’d have thought the January 6 select committee would have been all over that. How did Capitol Police not hear gunshots?

And killed a veteran.


Now Joe Biden can accuse Donald Trump of inciting an armed insurrection during the debates if the DNC lets there be any debates.

The Biden administration has no accomplishments to highlight — they best they can do is present Trump as an insurrectionist who shouldn’t be on the ballot.


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