March 4, 2024

Greg Sargent used to write a column at the Washington Post where he’d deliver his liberal views. Sometime recently, he became a staff writer at The New Republic, and now he’s really off the leash with his partisan takes. As you know by now, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s “right-wing hit job” on President Biden and the classified documents found in his garage recommended that Biden not be charged, because he’s too mentally feeble to stand trial before a jury.

Sargent feels any news outlet that puts Biden’s sketchy memory in the headline is doing so in bad faith when the real story should be the Trump campaign’s glee over it. In other words, they should all be publishing “Republicans pounce” pieces.

If Hur were trying to help the Trump campaign, he would have recommended charges for Biden “willfully” taking classified documents. Hur actually took pity on Biden.


People actually think that the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media lean conservative and want Trump reelected. Or maybe this story is too big to bury. The same people complained last fall, like Ian Milhiser saying “Biden is old” is the new “But her emails.” Just like the media skewered Hillary Clinton and cost her the presidency, they’re going to do the same to Biden.

Maybe the real story is that neither Clinton nor Biden will face any consequences for their actions. 


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