March 4, 2024

Students of history will know that February, like any other month, has seen its share of notable events. February 26th, 1848, saw Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish ‘The Communist Manifesto, on February 6th, 1952 England’s King George VI died leaving his young daughter Elizabeth to take the throne, and on February 7th, 1941 the Empire of Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, leading to America’s entrance into World War II.

Wait, you don’t remember Pearl Harbor having been attacked in February of 1941? Well neither did we but it must be true, because one of the big Twitter ‘News’ services said so! Surely they can’t be wrong!

Perhaps Franklin Roosevelt was confused in his famous speech referencing the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor as ‘December 7th’?

We’re glad we’re not the only ones who remembered it as December 7th! Of course the likely culprit here is somebody forgetting to add ‘1’ to the number ’12’, leaving their scheduled tweet to send on 2/7/24 instead of 12/7/24, as was quickly pointed out.


You’d think that as a purveyor or news Spectator Index would be double checking these things, but apparently nah.

See? There’s always a bright side!

Animal House references are always apropros.

We can’t let the Japanese keep getting away with this!

Pearl Harbor was a dark day in American history, but for some reason weird and goofy things related to it pop up from time to time, like the time Amazon published an e-book that showed German planes attacking Hawaii on the cover and everybody had fun ripping on them and the author of the book. We’re far enough out from the event itself that we can laugh about these sorts of things, and who doesn’t need a little levity in their lives right?


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