April 25, 2024

As our readers know, “illegal aliens” and “immigrants” are two very different things. The Biden campaign and other Democrats put them all under the same umbrella with the term “migrants” or “immigrants,” meaning they don’t feel obligated to provide context. 

That happened yet again with lefty media/Biden campaign account reports about what Donald Trump said recently in Michigan: 

Clips like that are selectively edited to leave something out:

The above dishonest framing from Dem media then spilled over into other media. 

What was a bit surprising though was when Newsmax drew the attention/ire of many with this piece from Thomson/Reuters that’s posted to their site (we’ll get to the tweet they deleted in a second):


The Newsmax story says that Trump used the term “animals” about illegal alien criminals, and the tweet has now been deleted. This is what it looked like: 

A low-level staffer was blamed for the post on Twitter:

The Newsmax tweet certainly can’t be blamed on Thomson/Reuters, but it certainly looked like somebody from the lefty MSM could have written it. 


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