April 25, 2024

You really don’t despise the media enough.

You really don’t.

Watch Nicole Wallace absolutely meltdown over Trump and his legal proceedings:

“Judges don’t have Secret Service protecting them” — where was Wallace when droves of lunatics were harassing the SCOTUS justices at their homes?

Where was Wallace when the Democrats threatened funding for SCOTUS security after someone tried to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh?

Not throwing her script like a petulant child, that’s where.

That’s putting it mildly.

That’s (D)ifferent.

It really was a performance.

Nailed it.

There are less dramatic performances at the Academy Awards.


Trump derangement syndrome runs deep in some sectors.

We caught that, too.

Exactly all of this.

She’s fine with this directed at Kavanaugh or Coney Barrett.

He certainly lives rent-free in a lot of heads.

And the reason Trump gets away with it is precisely because hacks like Wallace don’t care when it’s directed at people they don’t like.

While lecturing us about ‘misinformation’ and calling violence ‘speech.’

She needs a whole box of them, apparently.

But as was said above — where was Wallace and her passionate speech when there were people outside of SCOTUS Justice’s homes? Why wasn’t she this mad when someone tried to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh?

We all know why.

And so does Wallace.


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