April 23, 2024

We saw with the firing of Ronna McDaniel how MSNBC isn’t a news network. They aren’t about journalism, they appear to only want people who they feel are completely politically onboard with the narrative on the left. 

Nothing speaks to that concept and the lack of objectivity better than the tantrum Nicolle Wallace had on Friday over former President Donald Trump. She actually tosses away the script with what she’s supposed to say in a fit of anger, saying, “We’re not going to have this conversation again.” She then goes on to rant against Trump, claiming he “broke the rule of law” (without saying how), but he’s not being held “accountable.” 

She was furious that lawfare against him had been delayed. She claimed that Trump had “managed to delay every federal criminal trial based on facts he barely denies.” I think that Trump might dispute that characterization as well. 

Wallace claimed that Trump managed to enlist the Supreme Court in the delay process. She even tried to compare the situation to where a judge’s family had been attacked when Trump made no threat against the judge or his daughter. That was pretty disgusting. 

But what was hilarious about that was how much her Trump Derangement Syndrome is affecting her. She can’t even just say the words written for her by the network, which I’m sure were bad enough already. She has to go off on a personal rant of her own to let people know how disturbed she is with Trump. 

What Trump did criticize was potential conflicts of interest and we reported on some of those issues, including that the daughter is the president of a progressive political consulting firm that has clients who have made money off the case in their solicitation emails. There’s now more of a push for recusal of the judge in the case.


Judge’s Daughter Linked to Democrats Raising $93 Million Amid Trump Trial, Recusal Calls Intensify

How dare he not be railroaded and that he defend himself? He should just be declared guilty by fiat. How dare the lawfare not be done as fast as some Democrats would like to somehow incapacitate him before the election? She should be questioning the lawfare, but that would require journalism and not just TDS. 

As I said before, they’re starting to lose it because they know Joe Biden is in trouble. She’s not going to handle it very well when Trump wins. If the lawfare fails, and they have to rely on Biden to win, they know there’s a big problem there, with Trump leading by five points in the most recent Fox poll, for example. He’s leading with independents, and he’s leading in most/all swing states, depending on what poll you check. 

But meanwhile, what do Americans think is Joe Biden’s biggest achievement? 



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