May 24, 2024

Math and economics aren’t the Left’s strong suit. At all. The idea that there are some jobs that are meant to be part-time, lower paying, skill-building steps to bigger and better things is completely foreign to them. They think that every job should pay a ‘living wage’ even if that job’s value to an employer doesn’t justify the increased pay.

They also set the bar really, really low for people. They believe certain people can never aspire to or accomplish more than flipping burgers at McDonald’s. That’s sad.

Nina Turner has had some hot takes in the past, and this is another one:

Do you want a Big Mac to cost $50? Because that’s what it means.


Yes. And for retirees or people looking for extra income. Not family-supporting careers.

She’s so bad at this.


They’ll just ban automation. California plans to.

And livestream it so we can watch it all fall apart.

We heartily agree.

Just like very few voluntarily pay more in taxes. It’s always someone else’s responsibility.

The minimum wage is always zero.

It’s that simple.

Yep. They really think those are meant to be lifelong careers.