May 20, 2024

In politics, few things are more important than knowing how to read the room. In this, New Jersey’s own Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) failed utterly in warning former President Donald Trump that he was not welcome in the Garden State.

Donald Trump, in his inimitable style, replied by holding a rally with a crowd that some accounts claim came close to having 100,000 attendees:

Wildwood became a hot spot on Saturday as local officials said nearly 100,000 people packed the beach to get a glimpse of former President Donald Trump.


This event marked Trump’s first campaign event in Wildwood since he ran for re-election in 2020.

Mic. Dropped.

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Obviously, Trump was pretty welcome in New Jersey, and as our sister site Twitchy wrote, X was quick to land on the Congresswoman like a thousand tons of brick.

This is the real zing:

Learn to read the room, Congresswoman. Better yet, don’t underestimate how sick and tired people are of “woke” Democrats and their dementia-raddled, befuddled President.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, speaks to groups of anywhere between none and a few hundred. His campaign depends on “shorter, crisper” speeches, mostly because he’s only capable of being short before his meds wear off. Let’s face it, Joe Biden was never capable of being “crisp” on the best day he ever had, which was many decades in the past.

The former President has been making noises about New York and, now, New Jersey, being in play in the elections in November. I’m skeptical of that in the extreme; both are blue states, made so mostly by their major urban areas but that’s the case even so; New Jersey has a population of over nine million, and while 80-100,000 at a Trump rally in New Jersey is deucedly impressive, it’s a drop in the bucket when set against deep-blue Newark, Jersey City and Paterson. The same applies to New York; capturing the red, mostly rural areas in New York wouldn’t be enough, Trump would have to go into the Big Apple and gain a lot of votes there to flip the state.

Granted, Trump has made some eye-opening appearances in the city. But the smart money says, in November, New York’s and New Jersey’s Electoral College votes will go to Joe Biden, or whoever the Democrats’ nominee ends up being.

Even so… The New Jersey rally was fairly impressive, and aside from making a New Jersey Democrat look foolish, which in itself is always worth doing, it has to have spread some alarm in the Biden campaign. So far, Trump has done a lot of campaigning on Biden’s turf, while so far, the Democrats are defending their own spaces. That’s not a good look for the Biden campaign.