May 28, 2024

This has been a scandal in Canada for years, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fully buying in and wringing his hands over the whole thing. The horror was the discovery of hundreds of unmarked indigenous children’s graves at a school site.

However, after burning $8 million (and dozens of Christian churches), no remains have been found.

The Western Standard reports:

The 2021 funding was designated to document the “heartbreaking truth” about unmarked burials at Residential Schools, as outlined in a 2022 department briefing note. Despite this, no tangible progress has been made, leaving the fate of the allocated funds undisclosed.

The announcement of the discovery of 215 children’s graves at the Kamloops Residential School site by the First Nation in 2021 prompted an international outcry.

However, despite this revelation, no remains have been recovered to date. The government’s response included lowering the Peace Tower flag for 161 days, allocating $3.1 million for a national Residential Schools Student Death Register, and earmarking $238.8 million for a Residential Schools Missing Children Community Support Fund, which expires in 2025.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously highlighted the significance of acknowledging the present-day impact of residential schools, stating, “What happened decades ago isn’t part of our history, it is an irrefutable part of our present.”

Always leave it to Trudeau to virtue signal and to always be wrong.


“It was all an anti-Christian blood libel.”

So what did the First Nation do with the money? It remains “tight-lipped about the utilization of the funds.”

Trudeau even managed to make a federal holiday, National Reconciliation Day, based on this national shame.