March 4, 2024

Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter and made his platform a tool for independent journalism it has felt like there is a decline for our pals in the mainstream media. Between the complaining and of course the layoffs, we figured it wasn’t good.

Seeing it like this though, seeing the numbers … as DogeDesigner says in his post, mainstream media is dying.


Take a look at this:


MSN down 25%. 

WaPo down 20%.

Guess people are tired of the mainstream media behaving more like activists than journalists. Their behavior over Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin (you know, actual journalism) tells you everything you need to know about them. 

Journalism as we know it was almost killed by these outlets. Luckily, between Twitter and some more right-leaning publications (like us), there may be a chance to bring it back. Maybe. But those outlets? They’re dying.

It started under W., worsened under Obama … then turned into a complete disaster and hot dumpster fire during Trump’s presidency. We’re honestly not even sure how to best describe what it’s become under Biden except well, terminal.

Hey, they did this to themselves.


That they are.




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