May 24, 2024

Your source for mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malarkey.

CNN’s neutral, unbiased, non-partisan media critic Oliver Darcy has inherited his former boss Brian Stelter’s obsession with Fox News. First, he complains how Fox helped Mike Johnson keep his job, but did not celebrate it. Uh, suuuurre. Then, he clearly wanted them to help remove the House Speaker, as he fantasizes over what would have happened – and then complains about Fox, though they did not do that.

Darcy also gripes about those on the right complaining about a Trump judge, all while ignoring the left-wing experts barking about a different judge in a Trump trial. 

ABC News parted with News Division President Kim Godwin, and it was a complex issue, due to DEI issues. We look over more media dysfunction regarding the college protests, and then close out with a hilariously disturbing commentary from Lawrence O’Donnell as he sounds like a creepy fetishist regarding Stormy Daniels.

Now, crack one open and savor some mainstream media malpractice and misinformation.