April 25, 2024

As Twitchy reported earlier, Dr. Jill Biden had a bit of a tantrum when her interviewer brought up a recent poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in six battleground states. We don’t know what polls she’s been looking at.

Will Stancil, who’s running for state representative in Minnesota, posted a graph showing Biden falling behind Trump, with no clear explanation. “The economy was good and has only gotten better,” he says. The economy’s only gotten better since Biden tanked it his first year in office.

The only explanation is that the right-wing has seized control of the media and social media.

There’s no other explanation for why Biden is lagging in the polls with 40 percent approval.


We’d be interested when during the Biden administration the right wing captured the media, and how they did it.

Exit polls from the primaries should give you a clue as to where Americans’ priorities lie.


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