March 2, 2024

SUPER BOWL TIME! All good-hearted red-blooded Americans LOVE the Super Bowl! Well, not this writer, but most people LOVE the Super Bowl. It is a tradition to watch the game, eat snacks, and watch the commercials. Don’t worry, we are certain one of our brilliant writers will give you a low down on the commercials once they air.

We digress, we need to talk about the MEAT of this story since it is about PETA. PETA keeping in line perfectly with standard PETA practices decided to try and make everyone feel bad about their Super Bowl Snacks.

*SNORT* Look, we are not trying to be mean to the chickens of the world but they are delicious and we gotta eat. Also that drawing. Good grief. We are dead, not as dead as the chickens that helped make the tasty wings you guys are going to devour this weekend but figuratively dead.

X (Twitter) did not disappoint us with the reactions.

Yeah, they can have a cooked wing or go wingless since they don’t fly. hahahaha
STAHP! That drawing is dumb but those responses had us rolling.



Honestly, same.

Would it though? They would be hard to catch and they don’t have wings, just those stubby little arms. Maybe pterodactyl wings. Heck, you might even be able to feed 3 or 4 Super Bowl parties with a single pterodactyl!

Clucking hilarious!


We are rolling. Imagine the wingless chicken or the one-cooked-wing chicken hanging out with a frog on crutches. It keeps getting better. Some days we wonder if the invention of the internet was a good thing. Today is not one of those days.

We are sorry but there is NOBODY in the troll game that wins as much as @3YearLetterman. That one just ended us and therefore it will end this story.

Go forth, eat, sleep, and watch football!

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