December 1, 2023

It’s rare that a news story crosses our timeline and we have to stop for a second and really think about what it is we just read. This from End Wokeness is one of those new stories. If this guy is a Pete Buttigieg mentee that means he was the mentor.


We got … nothin’.

500 victims?!

Right, Elon?! We said the same thing.

One victim who spoke on video said she was stalked and harassed online for years after the abuse and even had to move.

Myers said more than 500 VICTIMS who live around the world were on Wojahn’s phone

How does that old saying go? You are the company you keep? Hrm, again.

*cough cough*

Yeah, we’re not exactly counting on our pals in the mainstream media to cover this – they’re far too busy melting down over Elon Musk suing Media Matters or something.

Similar reaction here.



That’s our guess as well.

We suppose we shall see.



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