February 21, 2024

By now everybody knows the Democrat border narrative pivot that’s taken place. After three years of claiming the southern border is “secure” and “not open,” the lie eventually became unsustainable due to the reality everybody was seeing, so the Biden White House and Democrat spin to “the border is not secure and it hasn’t been for a decade because Republicans won’t do anything about it.”

On his first day in office, Biden rescinded measures that were in place which made the border secure because an unsecured border was their goal. 

Now that it’s backfiring in many ways, including contributing to Biden’s dismal approval rating with an election a few months away, this administration is blaming Trump and the Republicans. 

At yesterday’s White House briefing, serial gaslighter and Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got cornered by Fox News’ Peter Doocy with a question that KJP couldn’t squirm her way out of: 

Here’s the full exchange, via @CurtisHouck:


DOOCY TIME: “So you guys talk a lot, including today, about how the border wouldn’t to be such a big deal if Congress would have just passed the immigration bill on day one. Who was in charge of Congress on day one?” 

KJP: “So, it’s been three years. It’s been three — three whole years. More than three years, more than 1000 days and, look, this is a difficult issue, obviously,. This is a difficult issue and what we have said, is that Congress has to act, right? Congress — Democrats, Republicans — have to act. But, in those three years, it is true that Republicans have gotten in the way. They just have, Peter. They have constitulessly [sp] [sic] used immigration, the immigration system, the broken system as a political stunt. That’s what they’ve done. They’ve gotten in the way in trying to get more Border Patrol agents. They’ve gotten in the way and actually trying to fix what’s happening, the challenges at the border. They did.”

“They just have” is KJP’s way of insisting that two plus two equals eight because “it just does.”

They take the same approach when blaming Republicans for “gun violence” and calling for additional laws, all while hoping nobody remembers the Democrats had full control for Biden’s first two years in office.

Weird, right?

Every other “reporter” should have insisted that Jean-Pierre answer the question without denying reality, but of course, that didn’t happen. 


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