February 21, 2024

Hey, illegal immigration is working out great in New York City, whose mayor says it is being “destroyed” by illegal immigrants. Just last week a gang of illegals beat up a pair of New York City cops, and one of the suspects flipped America the bird as he was released the next day without bail. That photo encapsulates so much about the border in 2024.

We hadn’t heard about this on the news, but a female tourist in Times Square was shot in the leg Thursday night by a 15-year-old illegal immigrant. Will he be deported immediately? Or has he already been released without bail? We’re guessing the latter.

Police have captured the 15-year-old migrant who shot a female tourist in the leg and fired at a police officer in Times Square NYC Thursday night. 

Illegal immigrant Jesus Alejandro Rivas Figueroa, 15 was being housed at the Stratford Hotel on West 70th Street after entering the U.S. in September and travelling from Venezuela. 

He was apprehended by authorities today. 

It comes after another group of illegals violently attacked two NYPD officers. 

The taxpayers of New York were paying for him to live at the Stratford Hotel, and this is how he repays them. Why was he shooting at a cop? How did he get a gun? Why did he get a gun?


If your kids are actually in school, or doing virtual learning while the school is being used as a shelter for illegal immigrants?

He just came here for the opportunity to pick our vegetables and clean our toilets.

Maybe he can’t read English.

Do illegal gun dealers take EBT cards?

From the New York Post: “Prosecutors asked the judge to send the teen to jail without bail because “he has significant ties out of the United States” and has only been here “for a short time.”

He’s made a lot of his short time here.


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