March 4, 2024

It was bad enough when Elizabeth Warren was peddling the, apparently, newest Democratic Social Justice fad, Shrinkflation. Who would have thought Biden himself would come out in defense of reasonably portioned bags of Doritos?

Mr. President, perhaps the American people have other priorities you could be working on?

Sure, it’s annoying, but is this really the best use of the government’s time?

Hard to get mad at companies for reducing the quantity of their products in each package to keep up with the inflation Biden caused.


Don’t let President Biden gaslight you. ‘Shrinkflation’ is not the problem, Bidenomics is. Businesses are trying to stay competitive in the market by limiting how much they raise prices to offset the cost increases they’ve encountered thanks to Biden’s economic policy decisions. 

As @RealEJAntoni explains: 

As of December 2023, “the producer price index [which is] used to measure inflation on the products and services businesses buy — sometimes called wholesale inflation — [has] risen 17.5% since Biden took office. Conversely, the consumer price index, the widely cited metric for inflation faced by American families, is up 17.1% over that same time. 

Businesses have actually been sheltering consumers from some cost increases in an effort to maintain market share and not lose customers. That also explains why, according to the Biden administration’s Census Bureau, total corporate profits have fallen for the last six quarters after adjusting for inflation.”

Abortion and how many Oreos are Constitutionally required in each package. Excellent 2024 policy platform, Dems.

You see, they want you to be angry at the corporations rather than them for the consequences of their policies.

‘Look over there!’ is not a great Presidential campaign tactic, but it seems to be working. Democrats have never been more dedicated to Biden, or the integrity of snack foods.



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