May 20, 2024

As our own Grateful Calvin wrote about earlier, CNN presidential fact-checker Daniel Dale seems to have returned from his long vacation to fact-check presidential candidate Donald Trump and his wild claims that the price of bacon has tripled when it’s really only doubled. Weird we didn’t hear from Dale when the current president, Joe Biden, told 15 lies during a 17-minute interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett a couple of weeks ago.

Among Biden’s claims was that inflation was at 9 percent when he came into office. It was actually 1.4 percent. This doesn’t take a lot of research to find out.

Biden did an exclusive interview with Yahoo News this week and once again claimed he inherited a 9 percent inflation rate from President Trump.

“President Biden: Inflation Has Gone Slightly Up.”

Inflation is hurting Biden in the polls; no matter how successful they claim Bidenomics has been, people shop for groceries every week and know better. So of course he’s lying about it. Where did he get 9 percent?

Where are the fact-checkers? 


Give the guy a break — his uncle was shot down and eaten by cannibals.

Which of his handlers told him inflation was at 9 percent and he should just run with it?

He is a pathological liar. The guy lies — repeatedly — about his son dying in Iraq. He’ll lie about anything.

Someone sent him out there with this 9 percent nonsense. Who was it?