February 21, 2024

As Twitchy readers know, 22 Republicans in the Senate helped Democrats pass a $95 BILLION foreign aid bill while the rest of us slept. There were a few who stood up against the incredibly unpopular bill but … it passed.

Let’s hope it’s dead on arrival in the House.

Anyway, Mitt Romney was very passionate about passing this spending bill. So determined to take care of other countries before his own.

Watch this:

Shock jocks. What now? 

The most important vote Mitt has ever taken … really? 

Gosh, why is that?

What do the rest of us not know, Mittens?

It certainly does seem like they are awfully anxious about not funding Ukraine. Enquiring minds would like to know why … did Romney just let the cat out of the bag or what?


Yup. Happy to buy him a plane ticket at this point.


Silly, they love money and power more.

But war helps with both of those so … fair point.

Way to let that mask slip a little bit more, Mitt.



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