May 20, 2024

As we reported, the hunger strike at Princeton in support of Hamas has gone to a “rotary” model, where new hunger strikers take over for the old ones when they get too hungry. We haven’t heard much from the “Gaza Liberation Zone” at Columbia ever since the police stepped in. Some of the students have left their tent city to disrupt graduation ceremonies, where normal students who attended class were given their degrees.

We used some posts from Canary Mission, and now we see that Reuters is looking into the pro-Israel website. Canary Mission, it seems, has accused some of the students forcefully blocking Jews from entering campus of being antisemitic, and that’s resulted in “a flood of online abuse.”

Interesting. Let’s see how Reuters frames this. We’ll start with the headline: “Name and shame: Pro-Israel website ramps up attacks on pro-Palestinian student protesters.” 

Gabriella Borter, Joseph Ax, and Andrew Hay report:

While Canary Mission relies on tips, it said it verifies what it publishes, drawing from publicly available sources. Canary Mission’s profiles include links to its targets’ social media posts, public speeches and interviews with journalists.

Reuters reviewed online attacks and abusive messages directed at scores of people targeted by Canary Mission since Oct. 7.

The site has accused over 250 U.S. students and academics of supporting terrorism or spreading antisemitism and hatred of Israel since the start of the latest Gaza conflict, according to the Reuters review of its posts. Some are leading members of Palestinian rights groups or were arrested for offenses such as blocking traffic and punching a Jewish student. Others, like [Layla] Sayed, said they had just stepped into campus activism and were not charged with any crimes.


She just stepped into an encampment of radicals chanting, “Hamas, make us proud, kill another soldier now” and creating a human barrier between Jewish students and their classrooms.

How can you even compare your “online abuse” to the suffering of the Palestinian people? Grow a pair.

That’s one of the demands of these rotating hunger strikers — that all arrests and suspensions be expunged so they don’t haunt them during their job search.

So you went to a public protest and got identified, even with your mask. Shame on Canary Mission for making you famous.