March 4, 2024

It seems like we haven’t heard much about the Las Vegas Sphere in a while, right? As the music/live event venue was being constructed and after it first came online it seemed like the thing was constantly in the news, but as tends to happen once it was built and had been running for a while it slipped into the back of our minds; on to a newer and flashier thing!

Well, now the Sphere has come barreling back into the news cycle as reports are that a guy climbed the thing and was seen wandering around on top of it.

People wanted to know what the heck was going on!

In short order people began to pour in with more info on this guy… and what seemed like a doofy publicity stunt suddenly turned into something altogether more heartwarming to our conservative hearts:


JUST IN: The man who climbed ‘The Sphere’ in Las Vegas is Maison DesChamps, who is a pro-life activist.  DesChamps filmed himself at the top of the 366 foot tall structure and said he was raising money for a homeless pregnant woman. He was reportedly able to get down through a hatch at the top of the structure. DesChamps’ Instagram bio reads: “I climb Skyscrapers to raise money for women in crisis pregnancies. Christ is King!” Source help: @LarryDJonesJr

If you’re going to do your best Edmund Hillary impression and climb something big ‘because it’s there’ there are certainly worse reasons to do it than to raise awareness about the pro-life cause and to raise money for a pregnant mother in desperate need!

Full text (it’s long):

He is raising money for housing as well as baby supplies.  Here is the write-up on the fundraising platform: In the spotlight of my climb today is Isabel, a brave soul currently navigating through life’s harshest storms, pregnant and facing uncertainty with every step. At 37, with a life story that’s anything but straightforward, Isabel finds herself at a crossroads. Having had to make the heart-wrenching decision to adopt out three of her children, and with twins living with her ex-husband, she’s now facing the prospect of bringing a new life into this world under the most challenging circumstances imaginable. Homeless, jobless, and with the fear of maternal and infant health risks looming large, she’s scheduled an 11-week abortion for February 10th, believing it to be her only option amidst the chaos. But Isabel’s spirit, though battered, remains unbroken. She reached out for help, a testament to the flicker of hope that still burns within. She’s voiced a deep-seated fear, not only for her wellbeing but for that of her unborn child, in a situation that has grown increasingly dire. With no stable shelter since September, her days are a survival marathon on the streets, where safety is a luxury and basic needs are a constant struggle.This is where our journey with Isabel begins. Our mission is twofold: to offer Isabel the tangible support she desperately needs and to rally a community around her that believes in the power of hope and action. The climb I’m embarking on today symbolizes more than a physical challenge—it’s a metaphor for the uphill battle Isabel faces every day. Our collective efforts can provide Isabel with the essentials she needs to forge a path forward: – Stable Housing and Utilities – Employment and Financial Guidance – Basic Necessities and Clothing – Baby Supplies and Safe Childcare Options – Nutritional Support and Groceries – Access to Prenatal and Postnatal Care Our support will evolve with Isabel’s needs, ensuring our assistance remains as dynamic as the life she’s navigating.

Seriously, that’s really sweet. If you’d like to give money yourself the donation link can be found here.

It’s not something that we’d do, but he isn’t standing in the middle of the road stopping sick people from getting the hospital and he isn’t defacing any artworks… so as far as big gestures in support of something this one’s pretty top notch.

And it seems this isn’t his first time doing this sort of thing.

Hats off to you, ‘Pro-Life Spider-Man!’ 

Only time will tell where this story ends up (this has to have been illegal, right?!) but seeing someone do something big a splashy for an actually good cause instead of in support of Hamas terrorists or something is certainly refreshing. In the end nobody was hurt, and hopefully some money will be raised to help a mother in need. 


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