April 25, 2024

You won’t believe what End Wokeness captured and shared on X.

Go ahead and take a moment to watch.

WTH is a ‘newcomer liaison?’

That’s what we’ve been told, isn’t it?

Didn’t they use that term to describe actual aliens in a movie once?

It’s a weird flex, but okay. 

Ummmm, Biden dismantled our border policies. He doesn’t get to blame Republicans.




A lot of us have been trying to tell them.



It seems those who virtue signal lack the actual virtues they are signaling. 

Who could have seen this coming?

They should, but they won’t. They have never been the homogenous group they publicly pretend to be, so seeing them begin to fracture is not surprising.

We’ll just be over here …

via GIPH

No matter what idea they try to sell, you lay the blame where it lies: Joe Biden undid all of the Trump-era border protections in February of 2021. He campaigned on opening the border and encouraging asylum seekers to surge the border once he was elected. 

He and his administrator then lied to the public for three years about the crisis at our borders, and instead of fixing it, his handlers tried to disguise asylum reform as border security. All so if it failed to pass, he could blame the GOP.


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