May 24, 2024

We wish we had more context to this video so we know what Rep. Ayanna Pressley was complaining about this time. She was complaining about race, which isn’t new. She’s said before that “abortion bans are rooted in white supremacy.” She claimed that beloved Michael Jackson impersonator Jordan Neely was “lynched.” She claims that Walgreens closing several locations was a life-threatening act of racial discrimination targeting black and brown communities.

If she’s tired of white men failing up, we can’t imagine what she thinks of President Joe Biden.

We’re all tired. Give it a rest.

The Squad certainly failed up.


That’s what we’d really like to know. Probably not Biden or Pete Buttigieg.

This reminds us of Marc Lamont Hill defending the “extraordinarily successful and gifted Black woman” and serial plagiarist Claudine Gay against a bunch of “mediocre white men” who dared question her academic credentials.