May 24, 2024

We’ve all seen them. Video clips that seemingly crop up daily. President Biden, stumbling over his words, caught in another story that rings untrue, or even physically struggling to get around.

Watching it unfold is no doubt entertaining. Point and laugh as the leader of the free world embarrasses the nation on the world stage.

Focusing on the incompetence, however, and assuming it is a good election strategy, could be a big mistake.

No matter how many times Republicans point out his declining cognitive abilities, none of it will derail the President in 2024. One could argue that the image of good ol’ Uncle Joe as a doddering but well-meaning old man has been a benefit to his 51+ year career in politics.

It has allowed him to escape a rich history of racially charged comments for decades. It has allowed him to escape actions toward, and allegations by, women that would have canceled the average man.

Hell, it even recently allowed him (practically verbatim) to escape prosecution for the mishandling of classified documents. Special Counsel Robert Hur allowed Biden to skate on his actions because Biden, in his estimation, is a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

But in many facets of the game, President Biden, or the handlers who craft his message, knows exactly what he’s doing.

He lies. He lies with impunity. And he lies with frequency.

The President recently gave a sit-down interview with CNN, and it was glaringly obvious the intention behind many of his comments.

Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.

Gaslighting and Brazen Lying

A plethora of the President’s lies during the interview were regarding the economy. His entire re-election effort hinges on you, the voter, not believing what your wallet or your bank account is telling you.

If you listen to Biden, Americans “think they’re in good shape economically.”

One can almost see him holding a pendulum in front of the camera as he attempts to hypnotize the American people into accepting his alternate reality.

The actual reality is this: Two-thirds of the American people say they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. Real incomes are lower than when Biden took office. A record number of Americans are working two jobs to make ends meet.

And visits to the gas station or grocery store are practically physically painful to endure.

The President dismissed inflation concerns, as he often does, by saying people actually “have the money to spend” on higher-priced goods and services.

Even CNN notes that consumers have depleted their savings as a means to navigate their way through Biden’s inflationary hellscape.

Then of course, there was the most brazen of the economic lies during the interview: “Inflation was 9% when I came to office,” he said.

Annualized inflation was 1.4% when Biden entered the Oval Office. It rose to 9.1% 17 months later as the White House kept telling the American people it was simply a temporary matter.

Now, you might ask yourself: ‘Why would the President of the United States make such a blatantly false statement? Couldn’t it harken back to the argument that he is just an elderly man with a poor memory?’

The answer is ‘No.’ 

Biden says these things because he knows the media will not fact-check him. And his voting base will remain largely ignorant of that fact and parrot the lies to their friends and family.

Watch as CNN’s Erin Burnett does absolutely nothing to correct the statement:

It is a lie so obvious that it wouldn’t even require a quick perusal of her notes to point out, yet Burnett sits, stares with a gleam in the eye, and does nothing to stop the misinformation.

More Lies

President Biden offered up further lies during the CNN interview knowing full well that Democrats and their media lapdogs would offer no resistance.

One of his fallbacks pertains to the number of “jobs created” under his tenure, which he now puts at “over 15 million.”

That number is so far afield of anything resembling reality that it is laughable.

Some jobs have been created during Biden’s time in office, but not nearly at the level or rate he is suggesting. A vast majority of what is being counted are job replacements following losses during the pandemic.

A House Budget Committee report from June explains, “Nearly 72 percent of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs that were being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation.”

Common knowledge. 

Also common knowledge? Biden, as vice president in 2012, advised President Obama against going ahead with the raid that ultimately took out terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

“Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go. We have to do two more things to see if he’s there,'” he recalled in a speech to attendees at a Democratic congressional retreat.

Now? He’s singing a new tune.

“It made sense to go get bin Laden,” he insists.

A Malicious Liar

If we sat here in an attempt to fact-check everything that comes from an interview with President Biden, it would be an exercise in futility. Time constraints alone would make it so.

But the fact is these aren’t ‘gaffes’ as the media would have you believe. They aren’t the mis-rememberings of a feeble-minded old man.

They are lies. They are intentional. And they are vicious.

Biden isn’t Mr. Magoo-ing his way through his presidency. From a far-left extremist standpoint, his first term has been an absolute dream.

No President has used lies and misinformation to pursue his political opponents more than Biden has.

Biden’s Justice Department has jailed mostly peaceful protestors from January 6th, jailed pro-life grandmothers who protest abortion clinics, had the DOJ target Catholic churches, and pursued concerned parents at school board meetings as terrorists.

Oh, and they’ve actively pursued his main political opponent – Donald Trump – at every turn. To the tune of multiple indictments and the perpetual threat of jail time.

Biden does this under the guise of false portrayals of his adversaries. They label mostly peaceful protesters at the Capitol as insurrectionists and then use that narrative to fabricate crimes involving zero charges of insurrection.

They portray parents at PTA meetings and seniors praying outside abortion clinics as terrorists.

And they portray Trump as a threat to democracy – the single most astounding example of projection this nation has ever seen.

These aren’t happy little accidents. These aren’t white lies told by politicians. These aren’t gaffes made by a well-intentioned old man.

They are lies. They are intentional. And they have the potential to destroy this nation.

Biden is competently, intentionally, and maliciously doing just that. And it’s time the GOP shouts it from the rooftops.