December 1, 2023

While being one of the newest forms of mass communication and venues for shopping, the internet has at this point been around for quite some time. Clearly understanding the nuances of the platform may be difficult for some, just as the nuances of many things are difficult for some, but anyone with two brain cells to rub together should at this point be aware of the basic nuts and bolts of the place. At least you’d think so … but apparently not.

Now you can see the rationale here to a degree … if you’re at the grocery store and you load your cart full of eggs, hide it in some corner of the store, and then walk away those eggs aren’t going to be available for anyone else to purchase for some time (or at all, because they’re eggs and they’re not being refrigerated). But when it comes to online shopping … that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.



It is The Year of Our Lord 2023, how would she have thought this would do anything?! The mind boggles.

No, given the basic lack of understanding shown around the basics of E-Commerce it’s fully possible that Anne is unaware of the existence of screenshots, and her not knowing about them would certainly be consistent with our other observations about her awareness of how the internet and computers in general work.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing something, but it’s important to always be mindful and to know what you don’t know. If you go out over your skis and make a fool of yourself though you just gotta take your lumps, move on, and maybe learn from the experience. Let’s charitably hope that that happens here, shall we?


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