March 4, 2024

The latest Retro Bowl College update has been released for iOS and Android devices addressing balancing issues with GPA, rankings and more. There is no need to start a new save as it should work with existing ones. The developers have mentioned they are looking to add a simulation mode and extra ways to improve recruitment. Check out the patch notes below.


  • GPA now increases more quickly when players are Benched, Injured, or Suspended.
  • GPA-boosting meetings with the Academic Tutor are now more effective.
  • GPA-boosting Dilemma choices are now more effective.
  • No need to bench players during a Bye Week – all players will be boosted as if they were Benched.
  • Players’ GPA increases slightly during the off-season.
  • Slight reduction in how quickly GPA decreases when Hard Training is active.
  • Resolved an issue where players could still be suspended but the Academic Tutor would refuse to help them.


  • Changes to the Rankings Poll to reduce cases where your team’s ranking could drop severely during the off-season.
  • Fix for an issue where the Rankings for your previous team could be applied to your new team after taking a new coaching job.
  • Changes to the Rankings Poll to stop Bye Weeks causing large swings.
  • Various other changes to improve the Rankings Poll.
  • Postgame Rankings summary now shows the previous week’s Ranking.


  • The OF/DF strengths of all MINOR teams are reduced when you are playing as a MAJOR team.
  • The OF/DF strengths of all MAJOR teams are increased when you are playing as a MINOR team.
  • Dynamic Difficulty levels 12 to 16 are now unlocked if you win the MAJOR or MINOR championship games.
  • Resolved issues where the Head Coach rating was not being increased – this should lead to an increase in the frequency of Job Offers at the end of a season.
  • Reduced the likelihood of Offensive Linemen winning the Outstanding College Player of the Year award.
  • Made it slightly less likely overall that player cut/rescue dilemmas will occur.


  • Fix for purple colors appearing in the crowd.
  • Fix for Suspended / Benched players picking up game day injuries.
  • YOUR HISTORY tracker no longer records “conference finish” stats for Independent teams.
  • Resolved an issue where you could start a career without having created proper data for the Y1 season.
  • Improved allocation of Home/Away teams during the MINOR Playoffs.