March 4, 2024

We’ve written about Robin D’Angelo in the past; she’s the author of ‘White Fragility’, and an ‘anti-racist’, who is actually pretty darned racist. She’s also not the brightest bulb.

Case in point: she’s certain the artwork of the Sistine Chapel is ‘peak white supremacy’, but watch and see if you can spot the mistake:

The Sistine Chapel is one of the pinnacles of human achievement — the architecture and the artwork.

So of course insufferable white leftists like D’Angelo hate it.

By the way, did you catch her mistake?

The painting doesn’t feature David. That’s Adam.

So sure is D’Angelo that this painting is racist, she doesn’t even know who it depicts.

It’s literally the woke-racist meme.

The Left is always racist.

It’s white supremacy because she says so.

She used to be Catholic as if that counts for something.


It really is the chef’s kiss, no?

Hard to keep up with the changing facts.

No, you don’t.

D’Angelo should be shunned from polite society.

Yes, she is.

But she’s our moral and intellectual superior. Or something.

It’s as certain as the sun rising in the east.

Yeah, what else can you say?

She is the queen bee of white supremacy.

Far from over.

A quick Google search would show that, yes, most cultures with Christian iconography depict Jesus, Mary, the saints, and other biblical figures in that culture — African, Asian, Middle Eastern, European.

But it’s only a problem when Europeans do it. For some reason.

No, she didn’t. Not for even half a second.

The fact she makes money spouting this nonsense — good money — is maddening.

It’s like that episode of South Park with the smug.

She’s not liberal, she’s a leftist. And this is how the Left acts and thinks.

It’s the cherry on top, no?

So, so tiring.


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