April 22, 2024

We’re not entirely sure how this story is exclusive since it broke back in January but hey, whatever makes Rolling Stone feel better. And you know, we went through their timeline and gosh, we can’t find their story covering the actual cocaine found in Biden’s White House.

But you know, Trump is the real problem.

From the Rolling Stone:

In January, the Defense Department’s inspector general released a report detailing how the White House Medical Unit during the Trump administration distributed controlled substances with scant oversight and even sloppier record keeping. Investigators repeatedly noted that the unit had ordered thousands and thousands of doses of the stimulant modafinil, which has been used by military pilots for decades to stay alert during long missions. 

The report didn’t say why so many of those pills had been given out. But for many who served in the Trump White House, the investigation highlighted an open secret. According to interviews with four former senior administration officials and others with knowledge of the matter, the stimulant was routinely given to staffers who needed an energy boost after a late night, or just a pick-me-up to handle another day at a uniquely stressful job. As one of the former officials tells Rolling Stone, the White House at that time was “awash in speed.”


The report didn’t say why so many of those pills had been given out.

Ya’ don’t say?  

We wonder this very thing about Biden himself.

What do you want to bet the answer is yes.


*cough cough*

Nope, not at all.

Except, you know, they are.

What makes this even sadder is that isn’t how it’s always been, not at all. Once upon a time, they were about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Now they carry water for Democrats and terrorists.




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